Why Us?

Save Time & Money

Creating an exceptional workplace doesn’t need to be stressful or daunting. Taking a proactive approach to your company culture will save you time and money in the future.

Human Resources Experience (HRE) is New Mexico’s premier legal service provider for businesses. At HRE we provide solutions to create exceptional workplaces through culture driven HR and taking a proactive approach to the legal services your business needs to succeed.

Solutions to Create Exceptional Workplaces

A good rule of business is to surround yourself with trusted advisors. HRE should be one of them. Our dedicated team of People Professionals ensure your business gets compliant – and stays that way. You can afford to have an HR professional working for your business. Utilizing HRE services is much more cost effective than hiring a dedicated HR employee.

Relax, Dilemma Solved!

You can’t afford to not take HR seriously in your workplace. HRE wants to be your primary resource for ensuring your business remains compliant with labor laws in New Mexico. In today’s economy the last thing you want to worry about is putting your business at risk by pawning off HRE duties to Bookkeepers and Admins who are not qualified to do HR work. Our team of People Professionals have your back – we get you compliant and keep you that way.