Watch Your Language! (Since when is “Outsourcing” a bad word?!)

Let’s get one thing straight: I am my own worst critic. You would be hard-pressed to present me with feedback that I haven’t already obsessed over on my own. So, in late 2018 when I was considering taking my hard-earned Human Resources and employment law expertise for an entrepreneurial spin, I assure you that I considered ALL of the reasons no one would want to hire me. I conjured quite the mélange of self-doubt, but kept returning to one guiding principle: businesses of all sizes really do need what I have to offer, even if they don’t know it yet. Thus gave birth to the Human Resources Experience Mission Statement, “We provide businesses of all sizes with cost-effective alternatives to traditional human resources functions while offering expert employment law counsel.” And here we are, 9 months post-launch, growing a business that I am deeply proud of through partnerships with conscientious employers. Life is good.

Well, for the most part.

In all of my reflection, it turns out that I missed what would turn out to be one of the primary obstacles in every client proposal. Boy have businesses been burned by “outsourcing!” They utter the word in hushed tones while giving side eye and shaking their heads. They share horror stories of “outsourcing” nightmares: ignored, overcharged, mistreated, lied to, led astray…what a mess. I quickly realized that I had to change the conversation, and perhaps the verbiage, to reach the clients I want. So, rather than calling it “outsourcing,” what if I propose going back to my litigation roots and call it “engaging an expert?” Or, for those in the medical field, perhaps we could say “getting a second opinion from a specialist?” For my law enforcement friends, may I offer you a “10-13?” I could go on and on. The point is, outsourcing isn’t a bad word, but I can see how the flexibility of the consulting world could occasionally attract some bad actors.

Here’s why working with Human Resources Experience (as well as our favorite business partners – ask me about them!) is not a concession, but the best decision for your business.

1) We save you money.

For less than the price of a Human Resources Generalist with minimal experience, you can engage a seasoned human resources executive and employment law attorney without paying for benefits, payroll taxes, an office, or any other overhead. What could be better?! I will tell you. The services you receive will be of the highest quality and the work product will be prepared to stand up in litigation should the need arise.

2) The honeymoon phase never ends.

Have you ever noticed how new employees seem to go through a “honeymoon phase” when they can do no wrong and they get to make a big splash by addressing all of the “problems” left by their predecessors? Eventually, the newness wears off and you get to see what kind of employee they really are; sometimes it’s good, sometimes not. When you engage my firm, you are engaging a personal venture that will work tirelessly to earn your business, day in and day out. Once we blow your mind by addressing the ‘low hanging fruit,’ you have the option to engage us at your leisure. You don’t have to struggle to fill 40 hours per week of our time but you still get our undivided attention when you need us.

3) Need a fresh perspective? We bring it.

I am not sitting in an office in your building every day. Not even close. I am meeting with a diverse group of clients in other industries, sometimes even in other cities or states. I am attending seminars and reading publications to sharpen my knowledge. I am always learning, and I am always thinking of ways to apply that knowledge to your business. Human Resources Experience brings diverse experience and fresh perspective to every HR issue and every legal question you send our way. You simply cannot beat that.

4) You CAN handle the truth!

When you partner with Human Resources Experience, the relationship is based on a mutual desire to create an exceptional workplace through culture-driven human resources support and proactive legal initiatives. There is no room in that relationship for anything but honesty and transparency. This means that we have zero ego attached to the work, and, unlike traditional employees, we don’t have to contend with office politics. Telling you the cold, hard truth about your business and its people is our job and we do it well.

5) Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

Separating from an executive-level employee can mean severance payments, loss of productivity, and loss of institutional knowledge. Conversely, it is my goal to help you achieve your goals, which may include moving on from me when the time is right. A smooth transition and the ongoing success of your business (and hopefully your word-of-mouth support!) are my priorities when that time comes.

So, do you still think “outsourcing” is a bad word?

Contact Human Resources Experience to learn more about executive-level HR memberships and mentorships, third party investigations, our employee hotline, EEOC position statements and defense, and a whole lot of other ways we can help make your business an exceptional workplace.