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Culture Driven HR

The simplest way to avoid employment claims is by maintaining a positive, transparent, and compliance-based culture. This starts with developing and implementing excellent policies and procedures as well as a framework for reporting violations. It is perpetuated by an ongoing dialogue with all employees including clear expectations, a fair approach to performance opportunities, and mutual feedback.

Policies & Procedures Review

Give yourself peace of mind with a thorough policy and procedures review from a team of professional human resources attorneys.

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Custom Policy and Procedure Creation

Our Start from Scratch product is a collection of all the policies and procedures that your business needs to have as required by state and federal employment law.

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Exit Interviews

Whatever the reason may be for the departures, we will send in a Certified People Professional to come in and perform exit interviews with your people when they give notice of vacating a position.

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Cultural Assessment

Our People Professionals will conduct customized confidential interviews designed to elicit important employee feedback, as well as details about perceived pain points.

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Exceptional Workplace

This is how we have always done it” is not compatible with the current workforce. Truly exceptional workplaces have one important thing in common: their employees know that they are valued. Exceptional workplaces reward performance and incentivize compliance and reporting. They appreciate that employees bring unique experiences to the table and understand why those perspectives are valuable. They offer ongoing training, development opportunities, and encourage personal growth.

Specialized Training/Unique Seminars

If you have a need for training, for any employee, on any HR related subject, don’t worry. We got this!

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Unique Work Culture Programs

We offer quotes for designing Employee Recognition Programs, Community Engagement Programs and more!

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Employee Retention Interviews

Find out what makes your employees happy and what will keep them happy. Our People Professionals conduct personal retention interviews or employee engagement surveys to answer those questions!

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