Unemployment Hearing Representation Service

The Dilemma: I must attend an Unemployment Hearing because I disagree that a former employee is entitled to Unemployment Benefits.

Maybe you had an employee who quit without cause? Perhaps you had an employee who had violated rules associated with their job repeatedly or acted in an unreasonable way while they were employed by your business? If you feel you have a legitimate reason for a former employee to not have access to unemployment benefits, you should talk to us!

Relax. Dilemma solved!

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HRE has a Flat Rate Unemployment Hearing Representation Service. Our People Professionals will consult with you beforehand and attend the unemployment hearing on your behalf. We will work with up to 3 witnesses, as well as file and submit evidence on your behalf. We will give you guidance throughout the process and make sure you never miss a deadline.

Flat Rate Hearing Representation Service:

  • $400 per hearing