Policies & Procedures Review

The Dilemma: Policies and Procedures Oh, My!

So, you have some existing policies and procedures. Have those handbooks and manuals been laying around the office forever? Maybe you were there when they were created, but you haven’t really looked them over lately? Or, maybe you just acquired a company or are new to the HR Position at an existing business and are not even sure what is in those existing policies and procedures?

Whatever the circumstance, it’s good to know what kind of policy you’re working with. Is it up to date? Does it meet current standards, mandates and laws? Does it meet the needs of your ever-growing company? Does it speak to your business’s unique culture and values?

Relax, Dilemma Solved!

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HRE’s Review of Existing Policies and Procedures, for your People! Our flat rate Review of Policies and Procedures is the perfect solution to this dilemma. You send us a copy of the policies and procedures you currently have and our licensed Attorney/HR Executive will review your existing company policy and procedures to identify areas of concern, missing policy and even “red flags” that could lead to potential litigation.

Upon review of your reviewed policies and procedures, you may choose to further employ our People Professionals to execute revisions, amend or even create new policy at a discounted hourly price.

Flat Rate Fees for Review of Policies and Procedures:

  • $25 per page and up

*Discounted Hourly People Professional’s fees for execution of revisions- $275/ hour (regular fee is $300/hour)