Exit Interviews

The Dilemma: Turn over at the workplace. Why do people leave and what makes them stay?

People are people and sometimes they leave…. but do you know why? Is there an issue in the workplace that you’re not aware of? Perhaps there is an issue you are already aware of, but you just don’t know how to approach it?

Perhaps you are just a savvy enough leader to know that your people are your most valuable business asset. Knowing if your people are happy and how to keep them that way is one of the most important tools any business leader can have. Happy People will save your business time, money, and creates an amazing work environment that your customers will love!

Relax, Dilemmas Solved!

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Whatever the reason may be for the departures, we will send in a Certified People Professional to come in and perform exit interviews with your people when they give notice of vacating a position. After the interview, our Professional will provide valuable feedback in written form for you to add to your employee files, build future training around of just create an as of certainty that things are just as they should be at the workplace.

Flat Fee Exit Interview:

  • $75 per interview; includes findings report