Equal Pay Audit

The Dilemma: I am concerned that I may be paying employees disproportionately and therefore may be susceptible to a claim of violating the Equal Pay Act.

The Equal Pay Act is a strict liability law. Whether you intended to pay employees unequally or not, it doesn’t matter; if it is determined to be unequal, you have violated the law. Male and female employees need to be paid equally for equal work. The work doesn’t have to be identical, but if they are similar in tasks and content, the job title is irrelevant.

Relax. Dilemma solved!

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HRE has a flat rate Equal Pay Audit. Our People Professional will conduct an audit of all your job descriptions and the employees who currently fill those roles. We will consider education, experience, pay and responsibilities associated with your job descriptions and let you know if you’re in compliance with the Equal Pay Act or if you need to make some changes. Our unique and necessary product allows you to be proactive, addressing any issues before a complaint is filed.

Flat Rate Equal Pay Act Audit:

  • $25 per employee