Employee Retention Interviews

The Dilemma. I have an amazing team! I don’t want any of them to leave? How do I keep them happy?

Let our team of People Professionals step in and survey what makes your team happy, or unhappy, and avoid unnecessary employee departures.

Relax. Dilemma solved!

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Retention Interviews. The secret weapon in any exceptional manager’s tool box! Our People Professional will conduct an interview with your VIP employees to determine what makes them happy, what will keep them happy, and how you can continue growing and even more exceptional workplace.

Employee Engagement Surveys.  Does your team have everything they need to be successful? Do they feel appreciated? Do they have the training and tools they need? Maybe they have some solid suggestions on how to improve the line of business they work in? Why not ask them? Our People Professional will put together a survey, customized for your business to determine the answers to all your burning questions. The survey will be administered online to your employees. The results will be gathered and then given to you in a graphic presentation. Use these results to determine new policy, new incentives or simply to create a better workplace!

Flat Fee Retention Interview:

  • $50 per interview

Flat Fee Employee Engagement Surveys:

  • 0-25 employees – $250
  • 26-75 employees – $300
  • 76+ employees – call for pricing